Sunday, 6 July 2008

get to that exhibition today

Checked out the 5m2 project yesterday, get yourself up there before it finishes later today. We caught live music performances, a puppet show and drama. It was a really well put-together show, never a dull moment.

I bumped into my old italian teacher, FRANCESCA, from the cultural institute - it turns out she was exhibiting and also one of the show's 3 curators.

We spent hours at the show and then shot across to PIEDESCALSO at the top of the street. We ordered and watched the rain pelt down - a surreal day. SÚLÁN chose the vegetarian pasta with home-made pesto, pine nuts and parmasean cheese which he loved, KATEANN had the veg anti-pasto, EOGHAN ordered home-made ravioli and I opted for an authentic carbonara which exceeded my expectations.

The guys were a bit swamped so service was on the slow side, but we were in no rush and it added to the random, relaxed atmosphere. They serve the best tiramisu in Dublin!