Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A breath of... Oxegen

Hi guys, here I am, 4 days after my participation to the Oxegen 2007 and I'm still trying to get my strenght back. My Pennies rain boots are still on the balcony, totally muddy, waiting for me to clean them. And my photos are still in the camera waiting to be transferred on my lovely Mac and published (on unquestionable request of my mom) online.

What can I say... one of the most tiring and funniest experience of my life. 80.000 people having fun all together despite rain (then sun, then rain, then sun again...) and mud, a great line-up of bands and artists, good food for all preferences and even toilets clean for most of the day!

Few videos on YouTube, and photos on Flickr.

Many thanks to MCD for the very good organisation and especially to Robert, he knows why.

Friday, 6 July 2007

distractions, diversions

Thanks to Dualta for reminding me about the DIVERSIONS events down in Meeting House Square (Temple Bar). They're FREE and as the D-man himself says 'ya can't get better value than that'!

Have a look at the website - loads of other events like JAMESON MOVIES ON THE SQUARE, the CIRCUS SEASON and the HANDEL FESTIVAL next weekend.

Collect tickets from TEMPLE BAR INFO CENTRE
(M-F 09.00>17.30,
Sa 10.00>18.00, Su 12.00>15.00)

And keep and eye out for :
Festafrique 2007 at end July. Festival of African Arts and Culture (FESTAAC) showcases workshops, African films, an art and photographic exhibition, plus an afternoon and evening of live performance.
FESTAAC 2007 runs from 31st July – August 6th.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

...sounds amazing

Last night we went to the SUGAR CLUB for the launch of BOSE's new L1 PA SYSTEM ...truth is we went to hear MAJELLA MURPHY perform from her last album 'BRAVE NEW WORLD'.

SEXTON+ project-managed production of the album in Austria (we didn't design it). It was also an excuse to catch-up with (manager) Robert Matthews (he's also behind COIS FHARRAIGE music and surf weekend down in Clare).

So what did we think? Wouldn't often rave about techy stuff but in this case I will. The L1's a slender-designed tower so real discrete on-stage (you'll need two or so depending on your venue). The gear is spot-on for musicians - it'll fit in your boot, it's light-weight and set-up takes a few minutes. (I hear a few 'roadies' getting nervous ...but think what it'll do for young groups lugging around gear? ...handy for corporate environments too.)

Does it sound any good in a large space? Majella Murphy was the right choice to show what the system is made of. Sound-quality in live environments often bugs the hell outta me but Majella sang like she'd spent the day eating honey. She's a great performer anyway so it's not all down to the PA but it did justice for her range. So what about the performer's angle - I caught up with her later (and as always her enthusiasm left me buzzing). The bottom line is she's dying to get her hands on an L1 ...I think that about sums it up!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Check out this website and snap up a bargain!

Since it came to market €10 million has been wiped-off the price-tag of a Sorrento Terrace home (last house on right in our shot). Follow this link if you resisted the temptation to jump in at the deep-end over the past 18 mths - it's a web-site that tracks properties that have had their prices slashed repeatedly.

It's going to take more than rescue-remedy to calm those who, despite all the warning signals, swallowed the ‘but the Irish economy is different’ spin and hoped to make a quick killing.

As BILL CLINTON taught, economic success is about consumer-confidence and 'bending' perception ...our boom is an example of great PR work (aimed with a few catch-phrases like Celtic Tiger & soft-landing!) which encouraged over-spending on a mass-scale.

Now that things have slowed, and our 'property Lazarus' needs the defibrillator, expect more Government catch-phrases like ‘our economy needs more positive thinking' ...or 'spend, spend, spend'.

The vested interest (the Government cleaned-up with stamp duty) would like to return us to the 'happy-days' when home-ownership fantasies involved cutting the parents' brake-lines.

Monday, 2 July 2007

R.E.M. play Olympia Theatre

It doesn't happen every day to have the chance to see a great band like R.E.M. live nor to see them in a lovely location as the Olympia Theatre.

That's why when a friend of mine called me last saturday offering me a spare ticket for the gig he didn't have to ask me twice!

Just 5 dates all over this year for a really special event which is not a real show - as the huge text behind the stage says - they were actually trying new songs mixed with less known (just to the profanes like I am probably) songs (maybe b-sides) with the only difference they were not alone as usual but with about 1000 people looking at them in a electrifying and at the same time deeply intimate atmosphere.

I'm not a huge fan of them, but I guess what I saw last saturday is something which every R.E.M. fan should kill for. Thanks God I'm still alive :)

For more informations have a look at R.E.M. official website or the one created just for this event. On both you'll find some pictures of the first 2 nights.

And if you want to get a ticket for one of the 3 dates left, try to get a look at eBay because all tickets have been sold out in just a few minutes!