Tuesday, 1 July 2008

proposal to close all nightclubs at 02.30

Nightclubs would close much earlier as part of the Government’s Liquor Licensing Bill 2008. This Bill, expected to be introduced before July 3rd 2008, will close every late night venue, nationwide, at 2.30am everynight, and at the earlier hour of 1am on Sundays. These will be the latest possible opening hours.In response to the proposed changes a public demonstration will take place this Wednesday, July 2nd, from 13:00 - 14:00 in front of DAIL EIREANN gates on KILDARE STREET.

The demonstration is being organised by GIVE US THE NIGHT - an independent group of professionals from the music industry (set-up in 2004) campaigning to bring about changes to the licensing laws in Ireland.

Currently in Dublin, at weekends, pubs stop serving alcohol at 12.30am, late bars stop serving at 2.30am, and Nightclubs and Theatre Bars [operating under Theatre Licenses] stop serving at 3.30am. The pending Bill removes the later hours of trading afforded by the Theatre Licenses, meaning every late bar, every nightclub and every theatre bar will stop serving at 2.30am 6 nights a week and 1am on Sundays. [no exceptions]

Elsewhere in Ireland, in an increasing number of counties, local District and Circuit Courts are imposing blanket early closures on licensed premises, which effectively means they close earlier typically 2am.

There is no research/statistics to support that imposing artificially early closing hours on licensed premises will improve public order. To the contrary, international reports show that Sequential Closing of Licensed premises is a viable tool for reducing public disorder. [UK Institute of Alcohol Studies]

The system of 3.30am closing in Dublin (as it currently stands for nightclubs using theatre licences) has been contributing to sequential closing between late bars and nightclubs, thus having a positive effect on the streets at night, leading to less public disorder and making public transport easier to come by for patrons.

Throughout Wednesday's demonstration some of the Dublin’s most well known DJs will perform - a number of speakers are also scheduled to appear.

Further info from: info@giveusthenight.com
Tel: 00353 857128165