Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Murphys Ice Cream Launch

On Friday the 19th of June we were all very excited to go to Powerscourt Centre for an ice cream party to enjoy some delicious ice cream and sorbets from Murphys.

We took advantage of the very generous samples and had the opportunity to try unusual flavours such as Barry's Tea, Goats Cheese, Brown Bread and Seaweed ice cream - some of which were served on crackers which was a nice touch. The brown bread ice cream had a slightly buttery taste which was unexpected... but good!

To add to the excitement, the kids were delighted by the tasty treats... and two calves, that made the journey up from Kerry especially for the launch. Makes a change from the usual models at these things – yes ice cream parties – that's where they all hang out!

As well as ice cream, the big kids got to taste some delicious ice cream and alcohol cocktails with impressive flavours like mango sorbet sangria, raspberry sorbet margaritas, and many more concoctions with Prosecco... Kir Royale... Baileys... Irish whiskey... yum.

The team from Murphys were fantastic – a huge thank you to everyone who was involved with the event, Niamh, Claire, Sinead, J.P, Gary and a big shout out to Sean and Kieran – the brains behind the business. Having worked with Murphys over the years and it was great to have a party in Dublin to celebrate their first scooping cabinet in the big smoke.

It was a great success and there was a buzz in the atmosphere. Later that evening, everyone went their separate ways with smiles on their faces and full from over indulgence of ice cream. Satisfaction.

For a bit more about Murphys, check out their website and Kieran's Blog at:




John Sexton said...

Goats cheese flavoured ice cream....are you taking the mick?

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